So you’ve found my blog, perhaps it will make more sense if I explain a little about its existence.


I’m currently a 2nd year undergrad student at Missouri Southern State University, there I am a triple major in Spanish,French, and Biology (pre-med). Because of my language majors I get to study abroad to fulfill my immersion requirements. So that is what I am currently doing, in Chile!

This blog will get updated a minimum of once a week in order to keep my friends and family updated back home, but is open to the public.

I welcome you to a little part of my life and hope you enjoy reading about my random adventures in the beautiful country of Chile. Along with me for the ride I brought with me the beautiful Sony a6000 and will try to capture Chile’s beauty in the form of pictures.

Thanks for reading,



Author: Berenice Urbina-Maturino

Second Year Undergrad Student at Missouri Southern State University. ---> Majors: Spanish, French, Biology:pre-med Growing more and more in love and faith for Christ, family, and myself each day.

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